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How do I cope with pre-exam stress and fear?
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How do I cope with pre-exam stress and fear?
• Now onwards only correct topics that you have learned before. Do not try to read new topics.try to write at least one paper each day. It will give you more self-confidence and makes yourself prepare for the actual test. As your exams are about to write not reading. It does not matter how well you read or prepare for exams, but what you write in 3 hours through the exams matter a lot. And during paper practice, if you face a question that you have not learned then just leave it and write another question which you have learned well. And if time permits then and then only prepare those questions. But be relaxed. Do not be panic.
• Getting anxious and nervous around the time of exams is common for all!! So you are certainly not alone in this, in its place think about how to get over this and what matters is that how fast you can come out this mess!!
• I will not direct you to watch TV or movie. It can disturb your mind. Your mind should be peaceful before and during the test. For your pick-me-up, you can enjoy soft and peaceful songs. You can play inside games too. You can talk to your friends or relations members. You can read a book (apart from your learn) to get rid of stress.try to reduce your time on social sites such as Facebook or Whatsapp. It can divert your mind. Keep in mind my words: Exam is the game of confidence and concentration. You have to make sure that your mind should be peaceful. So try to make a reservation from the things that can divert your mind.
• Eat and sleep well. Do not talk about with your friends about training. Do not think about the result. Make an outlook like- I am the best and I will give my best. Outlook matters a lot friend. Be sure. This is the only way to beat your fears.

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